Rice & paddy

The Advantage of Distribution consumer goods of Minh Khai Trade JSC, especially Rice contribute to the prestige of brand name “Minh Khai”.

We are so proud to be one of the leading enterprises of Hai Phong in exporting and distributing rice commodity. We guarantee the high quality and safety of the product sold on market. Many special types of rice are from the South West of Vietnam the largest rice field in Viet Nam were purchased and distributed to all provinces in the North area such as: Jasmine rice, south sticky rice, sticky rice 6976, 4218, 5451, 5% broken rice, 15% broken rice, 25% broken rice…

Moreover, Minh Khai Trade JSC strengthens to export Rice to Vietnam’s neighbor’s countries like Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia providing the Rice of Viet Nam to friends in the South East Asia.

“Minh Khai Rice” trade mark was beloved buy many customers by the high quality and the guaranteed of the food safety without dying or smelling substances. Minh Khai Rice has the natural color and taste that protect the safety of consumers without using un-certificated chemical preservative or vegetation protected

Minh Khai deserves to be a prestige rice supplier trusted by consumers in Vietnam – we are here to bring the most tasty and quality meals ever to all Vietnamese families.


·        Address: 23 Minh Khai, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Hong Bang Dis. Hai Phong City

·        Tel: (84-225)3 842346

·        Fax: (84-225)3 842438

·        Email: sales@minhkhaijsc.vn