Board of director

Board of director

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In 1977, 35 years ago, the establishment of Minh Khai General Department Store (Minh Khai GDS) marked an important and unforgettable event for Hai Phong people. This kind of service was the typical of System of budget subsidies, serving as the distribution place of goods for civil staffs, armed forces and the retailer for Hai Phong residents equitably and courteously.

Over 10 years later, Minh Khai GDS recorded many important marks surpassing itself, quickly reforming its service mode to operate under market mechanism. It was renamed Minh Khai Trading Company. At that time, the Company achieved important results, playing the key role in many wholesale flows of essential commodities, meanwhile expanding its retail service in both suburban and urban areas. The close relationship with hundreds of large manufacturing domestic enterprises enabled the company not only to stand firmly but also to develop rapidly, completing successfully its assigned political tasks, gaining more business profit; all of these achievements were recognized by the city leadership and Hai Phong residents. This was the period when the company claimed its success, creating a firm basis so that it reformed its business and officially renamed into Minh Khai Trading Joint Stock Company in 2004.

For 35 years, the former Minh Khai GDS or the current Minh Khai Trading Joint Stock Company have experienced many stages of development with the efforts of several generations of leaders and civil staffs, steadily overcoming many difficulties and challenges, affirming its business trademark and becoming one of the leading enterprises of the city. This is owed to The Management Board, Board of Directors, employees who are always complying with the strategic direction set out, maximizing the strength of available facilities, expanding the business thoroughly in domestic market and import-export field. The former Minh Khai GDS has become a shopping commercial complex area including supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, motels and hundreds of specialized stalls ... In addition to that, there are chains of business service establishments in the suburbs, An Hong depot (An Duong) with 33,000 m2 of warehouses, a branch in Da Nang...; The company business activity are spreading nationwide, from Hai Phong, to Ho Chi Minh City , Can Tho ... and catching to larger foreign markets. Minh Khai JSC has made the difference with other businesses as a single unit of Hai Phong Industrial and Commercial sector associating its business with service, continually serving qualified goods with reasonable price for farmers, especially in remote areas while purchasing agricultural products. The company is also the enterprise that has early applied and implemented effectively the Quality Management System of ISO 9001-2000 in corporate administration and business services.

Thus, JSC Minh Khai has been recognized for many years as one of ten typical enterprises of Haiphong, continually completed and exceeded the annual plan before 1-2 months. Yearly revenue grows 15 - 20% and profit grows from 19-20%; The company always fulfill the budget obligation, ensuring jobs and income to employees as well as dividends to shareholders ... So far, the company leadership and employees constantly become more experienced, more stable to steer the business overcoming difficulties and challenges peacefully to reach to its glory.

The Communist Party Unit always promotes the good leadership and constantly is recognized as a clean and strong Party unit. Youth and Trade Union are considered outstanding in their activities. Also, the company is always leading in the social work and charity, being a regular assistance of 100 agent orange victims and disadvantaged people, a sponsor of Vietnamese Hero Mother. The total amount of the social work and charity in recent years is up to VND 400 million. The company deserves a lot of noble rewards that State, Government, the General Confederation of Labor of Vietnam, Hai Phong People's Committee have awarded.

Promoting the traditional achievements of 35 years, Minh Khai JSC has been implementing the construction project of 6-floored building of showrooms and offices on the area of 406 m2 addressing at No. 23 Minh Khai street; exploiting efficiently the hire warehousing service of 33,000 m2 at An Hong depot and 5,000m2 warehouse in Da Nang; continually expanding and improving efficiently the business service operations in the domestic market and import-export field.

For 35 years, Minh Khai trade mark has been shining and shining forever, worthy as the great history from the subsidized enterprise reforming to the company in market economy mechanism, from the State-owned enterprise transferred to Joint stock Company growing up rapidly and sustainably.